Table of Contents

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Introduction                                                         (l.m. 7/13/13)

Qunatum Mechanics Derived from Logic              (l.m. 11/11/18)(calculus required)

Document History of Main Article                    (l.m. 11/11/18)

The Standard Model of Particle Physics                (l.m. 5/11/17)

Document History for SM                               (l.m. 5/11/17) 

Virtual Particles Explain Everything                   (l.m. 6/1/16)(calculus required)

Document History of Virtual Particles             (l.m. 6/1/16)

Special the General Relativity in terms of V.P.      (l.m. 11/29/17)

Document History of SR and GR from V.P.    (l.m. 11/29/17)

Theory of Everything and Mathematical Logic     (l.m. 10/26/19)

Is There a Holographic Principle Here?                  (TBD)

Some Cosmological Thoughts                              (l.m. 12/1/17)

Document History of SCT                             (l.m. 12/1/17)

Some Philosophy of Science                               (l.m. 7/15/13)(no math required )

Quantum Mechanics is a Perfect Process             (l.m. 7/10/13)(no math required )

Open Issues                                                         (l.m. 7/1/13)(no math required )

The Math                                                              (l.m. 10/21/20)



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